Graduation Day Tips 

Book your Portrait Session before the ceremony

Pre-booking online saves you having to register when you come to have your studio photos taken. You will receive a QR code confirmation via email. On graduation day, just remember to bring a print out or a screenshot on your phone with you. To pre-book, click here.

Prepare Early

Your ceremony is held at Docklands Stadium and you will be graduating alongside approximately 7000 of your peers. For you to enjoy your graduation experience we highly recomend that you prepare early by having your studio photos taken in the days before your ceremony. If your family and friends cannot attend he photography days before your ceremony you can still have your individual portraits taken and return on graduation day to have photos taken with your family and friends. 

We suggest that you: 

  1. Collect your gown at the early Gown and ticket collection days. Gowning times can be found here. There is a video about how to wear your gown here
  2. Have your photos taken at the Gown and ticket collection days or at the Additional Photography days
  3. On graduation day visit the Reed Graduations service desk to book your Portrait Session if you haven’t already pre-booked and weren’t able to have photos taken before ceremony day.
  4. Have your portrait photos taken.
  5. Find your seat at the ceremony early.
  6. After the ceremony return your gown and relax!

A range of memorabilia of your graduation day will be available for purchase before and after your ceremony. Memorabilia provided by Reed Graduations Services can be viewed at

Dress for a formal occasion

  • Corporate style attire can add elegance and professionalism to your look as opposed to runners and a t-shirt.
  • Graduates can choose to coordinate their clothing or accessories to the colour of their hood, which looks fantastic in photographs.
  • High heels can get uncomfortable after many hours on your feet and may spoil your special occasion. Consider wearing low-heeled or flat shoes and, if desired, swap them for higher heels for the ceremony and photographs.
  • When styling your hair, please remember that you may be required to wear a trencher cap on the day, so please style accordingly. Wearing your hair down or in a low pony, braid or bun will look neat with a trencher and will avoid any discomfort caused by elaborate high hairstyles under a trencher cap.
  • Traditional or culturally significant clothing or accessories are always welcome in photographs.  
  • Your photographer can help arrange your academic dress on the day. Gowns can be tricky so let us help you.

Celebrate with your Guests

  • If you are planning to have photos taken together, let your guests know in advance so they can dress accordingly.
  • Coordinated colours or accessories always look fantastic in portraits.
  • Inform your guests that their footwear will be visible in the photos so they can dress accordingly.
  • Traditional or culturally significant clothing or accessories are always welcome and look amazing in photographs.  
  • Make sure to ask our staff for assistance on the day. We always have a mirror handy and would love to assist in any way we can.

Enjoy Your Day!